Augason Farms™ Emergency Water Storage Kit

Item # WX2-296925

Augason FarmsTM Emergency Water Storage Kit. Drought, natural disaster or terror attacks... are you prepared?

Plain and simple, without a proper back-up supply of water you're NOT prepared. Luckily, the Augason Farms™ Emergency Water Storage Kit makes it easy. It includes everything you need to provide valuable water for your family in case of emergency. USDA certified.

Kit includes:
  • 55-gallon top-sealed water barrel made of food-grade, BPA-free polyethylene
  • 2 fittings on barrel one 2" BTR and one 2" NPS
  • 6' siphon hose and hand pump, easily transfers 5 gallons per minute 4-year shelf life effective on bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • 2 bottles of Aquamira water treatment drops, purifying up to 30 gallons each
  • 1 bucket / barrel screw-on lid opener.

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