Augason Farms™ MRE Breakfast Pack

Item # WX2-296923

Augason FarmsTM MRE Breakfast Pack A full, tasty menu is always at-the-ready! 380 servings, up to 30-year shelf life!

Whether it's the "storm of the century", or you just didn't have time to get to the store... the Augason Farms™ Breakfast Pack guarantees food on the table. A full menu of breakfast favorites, specially sealed in cans that resist light, moisture and air for a shelf life of up to 30 years... no refrigeration needed! Recipes included on cans! USDA certified.

Expect the unexpected and stock up:
  • Buttermilk pancake mix 21 servings
  • Creamy wheat cereal 36 servings
  • Dehydrated potato shreds 21 servings
  • Bacon flavored bits vegetarian meat substitute 192 servings
  • Freeze dried sliced strawberries 18 servings
  • Dried scrambled egg mix 92 servings.

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