Augason Farms™ MRE Dinner Pack

Item # WX2-296922

6-Pk. Augason FarmsTM MRE Dinner Pack. A full, tasty menu is always at-the-ready! 230 servings, up to 30-year shelf life!

Whether it's the "storm of the century", or you just didn't have time to get to the store... the Augason Farms Dinner Pack guarantees food on the table. A full menu of lunch and dinner favorites, specially sealed in cans that resist light, moisture and air for a shelf life of up to 30 years... no refrigeration needed! 3 weeks of food at 1,200 calories per day, or 2 weeks at 2,000 calories. Recipes included on cans! USDA certified.

Expect the unexpected and stock up:
  • Creamy potato soup mix 33 servings
  • Beef flavored vegetarian meat substitute 40 servings
  • Potato gems 45 servings
  • Honey white bread and roll mix 49 servings
  • Freeze dried sweet corn 23 servings
  • Vegetable stew blend 40 servings.