Primos® Passive Shooting Muffs

Item # WX2-235332

5 stars

Primos® Passive Shooting Muffs, a smart investment for your hearing!

Classic PrimosĀ® Hearing Protection... Range Muffs that are a tremendous value! These Shooting Muffs have a low-profile cup that's engineered to stay out of the way when shouldering a firearm. The ergonomically designed headband keeps the Muffs aligned properly, and the soft rubber ear seals give you pure comfort. With a Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB, these Primos Shooting Muffs are designed for everyday use with shotguns, as well as high-caliber magnum rifles. Weigh 9 1/2 ozs.

The best in comfort Hearing Protection for shooters! Get yours ONLINE now!

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