Outdoor Water Solutions Functional Windmill Head

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Outdoor Water Solutions Functional Windmill Head. Replace a part, not the whole dang thing.

So your existing Windmill Head took a "turn" for the worst? Well-done, good and faithful servant. As for you, don't be a slave to buying a complete, brand-new system... especially if you have a tower. This Outdoor Water Solutions Functional Windmill Head includes the complete Head, blades, one-piece hub assembly, functional compressor, tail arms and tail fin. It also includes 100' of air line and 1 airstone diffuser with a backflow valve. Fits any windmill with a 2" receiver for the pivot tube.

Replacement value:
  • BalCam technology minimizes bearing fatigue
  • Windmill Head manufactured in the USA from high-quality 18-gauge galvanized steel
  • Longer blades and large 73" Head allows for increased wind catching
  • High air output of up to 4.5 CFM of air, at a rated 30 PSI for maximum aeration ability
  • Larger check valves and upgraded 1/2" air line
  • One-piece hub assembly attaches firmly to compressor with 2 set screws and thru-bolt on end for secure, simple five-minute assembly
  • 5-year warranty on compressor 3-year warranty on Windmill (parts only).

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