Zadro Health Solutions® Nano - UV Dual Scanner Water & Surface Disinfecting Wand

Item # WX2-229605

Zadro® Nano - UVTM Dual Scanner Disinfecting Wand safely kills 99.9% of targeted water and surface bacteria in seconds.

When traveling in exotic or unfamiliar locations, or when you're at home, you can confidently eliminate harmful microorganisms* that you may be exposed to in your drinking water or on surfaces with the Nano-UV™ Dual Scanner. This lightweight and portable handheld unit is the perfect accessory for travel, outdoor activities and everyday use. When chemical disinfectants can't be used, the Nano-UV™ Dual Scanner is a wonderful, environmentally friendly alternative.

UV disinfecting lights have been used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces for years. However, unlike those lights which only emit UV-C light and take up to an hour to disinfect, the Nano-UV Disinfection Scanner emits UV-A and UV-C light which destroys 99.9% of targeted microorganisms* on the surface within 10 seconds.

*Targeted microorganisms include bacteria: E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Salmonella; and viruses: H1N1

  • Safely kills 99.9% of all surface bacteria and viruses in 10 seconds
  • Scans water for 40 seconds to remove harmful germs
  • Child-safe start buttons
  • Built-in countdown timer for water and surface disinfection
  • Measures 6 x 1 x 2"w. Uses four "AAA" batteries (included).