This Remington®-patented, industry accepted method provides data that more precisely reflect actual use of revolver ammunition.  It considers cylinder gap, barrel length, powder position, and production tolerances.  Although our final values differ from conventional figures, the ammunition is unchanged.  Key elements of our patented procedure include: (a) horizontal powder orientation; (b) cylinder gap: .008"; (c) barrel length: 4".



Cartridges within groups shown are interchangeable.  Other substitutes should not be made without recommendation of the firearms manufacturer since improper combinations could result in firearm damage or personal injury.



.22 W.R.F.

.22 Remington Special

.22 Win. Model 1890 in a .22 Win. Mag. Rimfire but not conversely


.25-20 Remington

.25-20 W.C.F.

.25-20 Win.

.25-20 Win. High Speed

.25-20 Marlin

.25 W.C.F

6mm Rem.

.244 Remington

.25 Automatic

.25 Auto. Colt Pistol (ACP)

.25 (6.35mm) Automatic Pistol

6.35mm Browning

7mm Express® Remington

.280 Remington

.30-30 Sav.

.30-30 Win.

.30-30 Win Accelerator (SEE NOTE A)

.30-30 Marlin

.30-30 Win. High Speed

.30 W.C.F

.32 Colt Automatic

.32 Auto. Colt Pistol (ACP)

.32 (7.65mm) Automatic Pistol

7.65mm Automatic Pistol

7.65mm Browning (not interchangeable with 7.65mm Luger)

.32 Short Colt in .32 Long Colt but not conversely (SEE NOTE C)

.32 S&W in .32 S&W Long but not conversely

.32 S&W Long

.32 Colt New Police

.32 Colt Police Positive

.32 W.C.F. (SEE NOTE A)

.32 Win. (SEE NOTE A)

.32-20 Win. High Speed (SEE NOTE A)

.32-20 Colt L.M.R.

.32-20 W.C.F. (SEE NOTE G)

.32-20 Win. and Marlin

.38 S&W

.38 Colt New Police

.38 Welby

.38 Colt Special

.38 S&W Special

.38 Special Targetmaster®

.38 S&W Special Mid-Range (SEE NOTE D)

.38 Special (+P) (SEE NOTE B)

.38-44 Special (+P) (SEE NOTE B)

.38 Special

.38 Special Flat Point

.38 Short Colt in .38 Long Colt but not conversely.  

      Both can be used in .38 Special

.38 Marlin

.38 Win. (SEE NOTE A)

.38 Remington (SEE NOTE A)

.38-40 Win.

.38 W.C.F. (SEE NOTE A)

.38 Automatic in .38 Super (+P) but not conversely

.380 Automatic

9mm Browning Short (Corto Kurz)

9mm Luger (SEE NOTE E)

9mm Parabellum

.44  S&W Special (SEE NOTE F)

.44 Marlin

.44 Win.

.44 Remington

.44-40 Win.

.44 W.C.F.

.45-70 Government

.45-70 Marlin, Win.


NOTE A:  High-speed cartridges must not be used in revolvers. They should  

             only be used in rifles made especially for them.


NOTE B:  Ammunition with (+P) on the case head-stamp is loaded to higher 

             pressure.  Use only in firearms designed for this cartridge  and so 

             recommended by the gun manufacturer.


NOTE C:  Not for use in revolvers chambered for .32 S&W or .32 S&W Long.


NOTE D:  All .38 Special cartridges can be used in .357 Magnum revolvers but 

             not conversely.


NOTE E:  9mm sub-machine gun cartridges should not be used in handguns.


NOTE F:  .44 Russian and .44 S&W Special can be used in .44 Remington 

             Magnum revolvers but not conversely.


NOTE G:  Not to be used in Win. M-66 and M-73.